Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting

1.1 Budgeting – different types / detailed process to complete a budgeting

1.2 Forecasting – difference with budgeting / detailed process to complete forecasting

1.3 How new technologies impact budgeting & forecasting

1.4 Case Study – a comprehensive budget example


Management Reporting Pack

2.1 Key components of management reporting pack

2.2 Financial Accountant’s role in drafting a reporting pack

2.3 Management Accountant’s role in finalising a reporting pack

2.4 Case Study – how to analyse & improve a business performance


Commercial Analysis

3.1 How to prioritise CAPEX projects

3.2 How to improve business process

3.3 How to control / reduce business costs

3.4 M&A – due diligence & post acquisition integration



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